But I’m Only one Person

The world is a mess, we’ve hit critical mass

The temperature rises and weather attacks

The oceans are up and the icecaps are down

And the Landfills are growing in leaps and in bounds

Things are made to be disposed of

But never decompose

The testament to our way of life

Is that only our trash endures

But I’m only one person, I think to myself

What can I possibly do?

To make a difference, to set things right

On this beautiful Planet, Earth

This place that is our Home, no matter where you live

I care very much and feel so helpless

As days turn to weeks, months and years

So that is the question, what can be done?

By people like you and me

To make a difference in this world we live in

To begin the process of healing

I look around at my family and friends

At people I meet here and there

And it occurs to me, an Epiphany

There are millions of US, everywhere

Good people who care

Who want to make change

But we all are feeling alone

Like we’re “only One person”

We can’t change a thing

We have no power at all

Then I remember the lines of a song

Called “Alice’s Restaurant Massacree”[1]

So when you go out to a restaurant

Bring your canvas grocery bag along

Throw in some containers from your cabinet, maybe a recycled jar

Say no thank you to Go Bags and Boxes, you see I’ve brought my own

Remember those same bags for the hardware store

And the dress shop down the street

The pharmacy, the department store, anywhere really

Where you put your stuff in a bag

Plant clover with your grass on your lawn

Plant flowers and herbs everywhere

In buckets, in pots, in a window box

In the womb of Mother Earth

Get a log or some drift wood that’s lying around

Drill holes in it everywhere

Put it out in the garden or by the garage

“Apartments for pollinators”

Investigate those green alternatives

Recycle wherever you can

Walk or bike whenever possible

Organize your shopping days

Plan ahead for gas and meals

Avoid waste as much as you can

Reduce your trash to once a month

By buying responsibly

Do we really need single serving packages?

Use a spoon, measuring cup or a thermos

Use glass containers, waxed paper, freezer wrap

Pack your lunch instead of going to the drive thru

Say no thank to those throw away straws, every time

Get a metal reusable one instead

Lead by example wherever you can

This is how small things add up to Big Change

Look around you and think, “What ELSE can I do? “

There are hundreds of things beside these

If we put our minds to it and share our ideas

We’ll be amazed at the difference it makes

It takes a bit of thought and planning

A little bit of effort too

But if it can help Heal this world we all live on

Isn’t that something you’d like to do?

In the words of the song mentioned earlier

You might feel a little weird at first

But as you stick to it, you’ll see with delight

You are planting the seeds of change on Earth

So when a bunch of us do it, others will notice

A Movement making a positive change

You’re not just one person with no power here

You are ONE of a MULTITUDE


Brigid RavenHart


Brigidravenhart.com                                                                                                                                       Meandering with the Muse

[1] “Alice’s Restaurant Massacree”, Arlo Guthrie 1967

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