The Author

The author grew up in a small rural town in New Jersey when generational families still happened in this country. Her grandparents were from Lithuania on one side and Ireland on the other. Childhood was filled with chores and responsibilities but also with time when the imagination could travel anywhere it wished to go. Her childhood also contained more time around adults than with other children. This was still the age when children were seen, not heard. She watched and listened and collected pieces of the puzzle of Life.
Her Father wrote poetry, her mother was an artist. Books of all kinds and music were always part of life. Her grandparents were farmers, so the power of Nature was never taken for granted. Throughout this journey, so far, she has experienced a rich variety of people, adventures, cultures, spiritual beliefs and points of view. This added more pieces to that puzzle.
In her twenties the puzzle pieces started to sort themselves out and then the poems started. The pieces are still assembling, they are still sorting and the poems are still coming. This collection of poems could be about anyone.
There are no degrees from schools of higher learning. There are, however, the recommendations of friends and family who have read and related to the poems herein. They are about joy and sorrow, hope and fear, but through it all, they are about people and this amazing Earth that everyone must share and care for.
They are for you.